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Cloud based apps for iOS and the web.



Complex cloud-based solutions. Highly interactive mashups of maps, video and photos.


Apple iOS and Web. Solutions are built on Amazon Web Services.

Project Scope

Feasibility studies. Architecture. Prototyping. Implementation. Consulting.

Other Services

Large volume batch processing of images and videos. User-friendly frontends to geographic information systems (GIS).

Some Customers & Projects

CoastView LLC, USA

Travel entertainment iOS app. Cloud based tourism information panels for businesses across Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

Coastal & Ocean Resources (CORI) | Marine Environmental Consultants, Canada

Citizen science iOS and hybrid mobile app with offline use.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, USA

Offline web app for the Alaska ShoreZone platform.

Oregon Coastal Management Program, USA

Offline web app for the Oregon ShoreZone program.
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